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The sercives we run on our humble network.

Basicly we run 2 seperate services Q and C, .. our network doesn't have much services none of the nickserv and chanserv.. and so on there anoying half the time they split and you require to identify, or they do things that they aren't supposed to do. you can easily fix this by using a bnc to maintain your nick or an eggdrop to maintain your channel. There will also be a bot service in the near future, but this is still being developed, kinda like a lending service, but in order to make a secure identification to bots we required a static host which not all users have so, .. thats why I made Q-service.

What about Q sercice ??

Q or also known as Q-service is a service special written for this network, entirely in tcl,.. with mysql backed database, providing operserv for opers and hostserv for clients, this is a way to get a static host, and have a secure host on your bots no one will be able to use your host and you will always have the same host as well, authentication is done by password, this service is currently been rewritten and is still in a development stage, so you could have some trouble registering plz contact network administrator Ofloo. Remember Q is not a way to hide your ip, it does this but, this is not the why, if you wana hide your ip use mode +X this mode will crypt your host, also its not meant for your bots to register with Q, if you wanna hide your bots ip, then use mode +X as well.

Chanfix or C,.. what are you talking about..?

C or also known as chanfix is a service that runs on the efnet, to fix opless channels, we use openchanfix, although I can't say I've seen it realy in action on the Efnet. This service will op you, when a channel becomes opless after a server split, this service is not a replacement for chanserv you can't register your channel on it, it works with a score system the longer you have op status on a channel the bigger your score gets there is ofcourse a minimum check the faq on the openchanfix website, anyway when the channel is being fixed, the ones with the biggest score will get op status on a channel fix, thats also a reason to register with Q so you will always have the same host.